How Scripture Is The Word Of God

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Scripture is the word of God that is revealed to us through revelation. (Revelation 5 Summary). We are to govern our lives and be examples to others of what a true Christ follower by the scriptures. The Holy Spirit touched the hearts of the authors while God breathed into them. The authority of scripture is based on all scripture being God-breathed. Therefore, as we discussed the different views of inspiration of scripture, I preferred the view of verbal plenary inspiration. According to Erickson, God so supernaturally inspired the writers of Scripture that without waving their human intelligence, literary style, or personal feelings, His complete and coherent message to man was recorded with perfect accuracy, the very words of the …show more content…

(Erickson). Through the many words of God that were collected many of the individuals that received it passed it on in their own way. Some critics would argue that certain passages of scriptures and details in those passages were misinformed because of the way it was passed down. Many often compare 2 Kings 8:26 in the King James Version and 2 Chronicles 22:2 in the New King James Version. (Erickson). These passages discuss the same scenario but report different numbers. Also, the book of Ruth was not found in the original dead sea scrolls with the other pieces of scripture. (Erickson) Nevertheless, the Word of God still holds divine authorship because of its consistency, fulfilled prophecies, the continuing theme through its entirety, the testimony from archaeology, unique content of scripture, and the witness of the Holy Spirit. (Erickson). The Bible has a progressive nature from Genesis to Revelation. It moves from creation to a new earth and heaven. It does not stay in one place nut the story continually moves forward. The big idea of inspiration is that even as the scriptures were forming in their various ways the core message of the gospel was never changed. In every version in the four gospels, it reports of Jesus divine miracles and the crucifixion story is the same. It 's consistent nature reveals that the Bible is true. Even in Mark 13:31, Jesus makes

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