The Bible is the Authoratative Word of God Essay

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Responding to such a question as the one stated on responding to a friend who asks you why you believe in the Bible, and asks "Isn't it a book just like any other piece of literature?" would be a difficult question, but let alone a very plausible question to be asked to a Christian in a one's lifetime. I have personally been asked this question before on multiple occasions, and there are many responses I have given as according to being sensitive to the circumstances upon which the question was asked. I believe in the Bible as being the authoritative word of God, and the divinely inspired, and breathed out word of God (2 Timothy 3:16). To use a response that would allow this message to portray itself accurately, I would likely use 3 main …show more content…

I would explain the concept of hope and love that I now had in my life, and if it wasn't for God, or His divinely inspired word, I wouldn't be alive today, or I at least wouldn't be where I am today. I would be sure to explain the depth of Him being my Lord and my king, my savior who didn't need to, but willingly proved His faithfulness in His love. God is good and real. It is only by His just faithfulness and grace that I am where I am, and alive today. I have no other explanation in my life, for the joy I am able to have after the abuse I've experienced growing up, for the love I carry after the abandonment of my mother as a mother, for the forgiveness I bear after the tragic scene of my father slowly dying until his very final breath. There is no humanly possible explanation for the existence of my life, at least as it is today, other than that the love and mercy of God is truly and radically life altering. It surpasses all other earthly things, and it is important to express that if we let Him, He could change our lives forever. To continue in a life of bitterness, pain, regression of anger, hurt, evil, depression, and numbness is just illogical and senseless when there's an offer of hope, restoration, love, peace, comfort, understanding, grace and faithfulness. As I look back into the testimonies of

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