How Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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College athletes get scholarships, but the average scholarship goes for about ten-thousand-four-hundred-dollars, which makes people believe that money made by sports at colleges should go back to the players. Since the players are the ones bringing in the revenue of t-shirts, jerseys, tickets, and much more some money should go to them. College athletes should get paid because they need something to set them back on their feet after college, they also are not playing just for fun, and because of their dedication to their team. Football; America’s most watched sport. Whether it is youth, high school, college, or pro, people are always watching, playing, or thinking about football. According to Michael Lewis, author and writer for New York Times …show more content…

College athletes make billions for their schools, but only get a scholarships in return. Adele Birkenes, a fellow student states that “College football and men’s basketball generate revenues of more than $6 billion every year. Yet not one penny goes toward paying the people who make the sports possible: the student athletes.” (7) With the long practices the athletes put in, and all of the game film they have to watch on top of their homework, it is like doing two jobs at once and they should get more than a scholarship in return. The players will be left with something after college instead of just a ring or a goodbye. (Pay to …show more content…

If the athletes get done with college, and have spent all of their time practicing, that means they may not have had a job to save for when college is over. The college athletes are playing for big reasons, to make it to a professional level and for a title. Being at a professional level means making money, so they should be able to in college as well. The players would give up just about anything to be on the team they give their blood, sweat, and hard earned time for. They could be studying or out hanging out with other college kids, but they are putting their time in gyms and on fields for their team. This is why college athletes should be paid for their talents and work, not just given a

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