How Should We Treat Non American Prisoners

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How Should We Treat Non-American Prisoners in American Prisons
Casie Alaniz
Ashford University
Professor Beth Garcia
POL: 201 American National Government

How Should We Treat Non-American Prisoners in American Prisons
How Should We Treat Non-American Prisoners in American Prisons

The war on terror has changed how our country sees many things from travel, privacy rights, security levels and a person’s right to due process. The rights of accused terrorists have been stripped due to the need for intelligence on future attacks as well as locations and persons involved in the larger group. How does this loss of personal rights reflect on our country and the fundamentals it was founded on?
Habeas corpus refers to the right to get direct access …show more content…

Under the Constitution the federal government can unquestionably suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus if the public safety requires it during times of rebellion or invasion. The issue is whether Congress or the president holds this power. Historical perspective on that issue in the context of the Civil War requires a study of the actions of Congress and the president, Lincoln 's defense of his suspensions of the writ, and presidential and congressional dealings with and reactions to each other. The relationship between Lincoln and Congress, like the power of suspension, has received limited historical attention, with the only extensive treatment a 1907 article by University of Wisconsin professor George Sellery.
The writ of habeas corpus provides individuals with protection against arbitrary and wrongful imprisonment. But it does not necessarily protect other rights, such as the entitlement to a fair trial. In our country anyone accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This seems to be the case unless you are accused of terrorism, then you are held outside of the US and are not subject to the same laws or privileges allowed within US jurisdiction.
Habeas corpus is important to the current situation because it has to do with the right of defendants to be charged with a crime and tried for that crime in a timely manner.
Under the

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