How Smartphone Has Activated Surprizing Competition Among Technology Like Symbian, Google And Iphone Operating System From Apple

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Abstract: The expanding significance of Smartphone has activated surprizing competition among technology like Symbian, Google, Microsoft and Apple. This Paper exhibits a brief survey and correlation of the Android operating System from Google and iPhone operating System from Apple. The Comparison is done on the premise of their platform, their performances and the development in mobile area.


Mobile Phones have turned into a part of human 's daily life. There are more than six Billions portable users in the world. Each Mobile Phones has hardware and specific programming called an operating system. There are numerous other operating system accessible and had have attempted there best but finally unsuccessful, to assemble …show more content…

Some of the more common and well-known Mobile operating systems are Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS because of their Popularity we are going to talk about these two operating systems which are commonly seen in market and then compare them with each other.

1.1 Smartphones
The term ‘smartphone’ refers to a multi-functional mobile phone handset that pack in everything from a camera and web browser to a high-density display. Other key smartphone features include masses of storage space, micro SD card slots to allow you to upgrade further and intuitive touchscreen user interfaces so you can access all the great functions of the handset quickly and easily. The first Smartphone’s combined the functions of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with a mobile phone. Some other important features,

 Phone and contact address book.
 Texting.
 Video calling (Apple FaceTime)
 Web browser
 Weather
 Alarm clock, stopwatch, timer
 Calculator
 Music player
 Photo album
 Camera
 GPS navigation
 App store search

1.2 Smartphones’ OS :
A mobile operating system, also mentioned to as mobile OS, is an operating system for devices such as a smartphone, tablet, PDA, or other mobile devices. Mobile operating systems combine features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use.

There are many Operating Systems for smart phones.

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