How Social And Emotional Development Affects Children

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This piece of work will seek to focus on how social and emotional development is affected in a child aged 13; the two key issues it will focus on are family structure and abuse. As a child is growing, development can be affected by a number of different factors. Family structure is important, as most, if not all interactions young people have influence them in overt ways. It should also be noted that physical, mental or emotional abuse will also affect the way people approach others, as well as the emotions people feel when in contact with others.
Each society and sub society will have a variety of family structures, and these can be seen across the world, and they begin to affect the influences that act upon a child, this mean …show more content…

Each family will have areas where they struggle, for example, young people and children with same sex parents may find it hard to talk about situations if their parents are the different sex to themselves however it is important to remember that:
“Children living with two married adults (biological or adoptive parents) have, in general, better health, greater access to health care, and fewer emotional or behavioral problems than children living in other types of families” (
Family styles are also important because the various parenting styles will affect how a child develops, particularly their independence and social skills. Punitive parenting is when parents are overly strict, and so will often enforce tight discipline which can often make a child feel that they have no independence; when children grow up without having any independence they will struggle to come up with their own ideas and lead their own life without constantly being told what to do. Permissive is quite the opposite as children are left to discover the world and all its wonders without suitable boundaries, so it can leave them overwhelmed with all the problems. Passive parents may be under stress so they will pay very little attention to the children, leaving a child unsure how to of how to behave due to a lack of consistent rules, this will likely affect their self-esteem and ability to form relationships. Authoritative parents

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