How Social Class Affects The Mental Health Of The Upper Class Essay

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Mental health issues can affect anyone at any point in their life, but does your social class have anything to do with the type of mental health issue you have? There have been studies that focus on poverty and how that affects the mental health of the lower class, but how does social status affect the mental health of the upper class? There is a need to see how social status affects the mental health of the upper class, so we can compare it to that of the middle and lower classes. But, how does your social class influence the type of care you receive after being diagnosed with a mental health issue? We also need to identify the differences between the classes and find better and possibly more affordable ways to help those with mental health problems that can be related to the social class they are in.
The purpose of this study is to identify how social class affects one’s mental health. How do the upper class and the lower class’s mental health compare? Can they even be compared? Seeing the differences can be helpful for a professional to better identify the issues a person may be having. It will help give us more information on different mental health problems as well.
Research Question The specific research question that is being looked into is “what relationship does social class and mental health have when comparing specifically the lower class and the upper class?” To explore this topic, one would look at how each class handles stress
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