Understanding Social Factors in Health Essay

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Understanding social factors in health has become a central issue recently and a large number of studies has been dedicated in this regard. Social factors are phenomena seen in the interaction between individuals and social groups. In this essay, the importance of understanding such factors and their influence on health are addressed by studying socioeconomic status. Studies results are incorporated to explain health inequalities that arise from socioeconomic status and possible explanations including the material and structural, social selection, cultural and historical explanations cited in the literature are briefly discussed.
To begin with, society and social factors have increasingly been investigated as they have been thought of
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The impact of such factors manifests in the substantial reduction of the mortality rate due to communicable diseases such as pneumonia, typhoid and diphtheria as a result of basic social interventions including better public hygiene, improved housing and healthier diet that were introduced in the nineteenth century (Browne, 2005). Consequently, life expectancy increased and the burden of disease has shifted to chronic diseases, which appear to be influenced by social factors throughout the lifecourse.
It seems plausible to suggest that distal causes impact on health outcomes. Kroenke (2008) points out that, for instance, poor housing conditions are reflected in low health status both in short and long-term. As well as the distal materialistic aspect of social factors, other factors including social cohesion, group norms and social structures are also determinants of health as it is evident that such factors are particularly important for women especially in advance age (Blaxter, 2001). Due to the significant addition that studying social factors brings to understanding health, differences in social factors between groups have been extensively studied using various measures such as socioeconomic status.
Socioeconomic status is a predictive measure of health that has been widely used in the literature (Kroenke, 2008). It
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