How Social Class Dominance Can Be Observed With Power Or Money?

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. Crawford analyzes that social class dominance can be observed by having the people with power or money do anything to survive, and leave the poor to their death. According to Crawford, microbes not only have caused disease, but they have also infected crops which shaped the history of one particular country, Ireland. In Ireland the only crop that was successful and fed many people was potatoes, but when the potato famine occurred due to an infection of potatoes by the mold Phytophthora infestans, a plant pathogen. In this case microbe infected crops which did not create disease, but did create famine. It was a time of chaos in Ireland and people were desperate for food, but also the economic stability of the country went down. Due to the potato famine, many Irish people died of hunger. On the other side many migrated to America and Canada, which today is the reason for the diversity around the world. But the problems did not end there, since the Irish were looking for jobs they went to workhouses, which were overcrowded and spread diseases such as typhus, which is a microbe that exploits poverty and overcrowding to the full (Crawford 152). According to Crawford, microbes shaped Ireland and its population by causing many of the Irish to move to different places around the world to escape the famine, but it also created disease due to overcrowding. At the end of the book Crawford talks about vaccines and the cure of many bacterial infections. Before antibiotics existed

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