How Social Interaction Is Through The Social Exchange Theory

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Negotiation Techniques There were several techniques used by both sides and right away each party has to ask itself; why would I do this? One way of analyzing social interaction is through the social exchange theory. According to Crossman (n.d.), that model interprets society as a series of interactions that are based on estimates of rewards and punishments. Crossman (n.d.) continues to say; According to this view, our interactions are determined by the rewards or punishments that we receive from others and all human relationships are formed by the use of a subjective cost-benefit analysis. What’s David getting out of our relationship? What were his downsides? Exploring social theory, let’s look at David’s side of this negotiation. A well-known producer who runs a studio during the day married with a young daughter and did well financially. What can Cranium Lounge bring to the table? A few things; 1) he loved the music and that’s a big inspiration, 2) sanctuary away from his wife, 3) opportunity if the band gets signed, 4) and he loved the “hang,” talking with the guys, having fun, and having a genuinely nice time. There was a downside he had to consider; the band partied hard and that can lead to volatile situations, so he had a balance that, but there are good dividends. Rob and I did receive information that David worked very slow and that we would never finish, so when we looked at what all the amazing things he can bring to the table, there were some concerns.
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