How Society Uses Today 's Everyday Lives That Often Go Unnoticed And Unappreciated

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There are many objects that society uses today in their everyday lives that often go unnoticed and unappreciated. One of those many objects would be the hairbrush. Everyone uses a hairbrush; people have them in their homes, somewhere hidden in their car, or even at the bottom of their purses. Numerous people, mostly women, own multiple hairbrushes without realizing it. Consequently, no one knows how important this object is, yet it being so frequently used. The common hairbrush, although taken for granted, is a household item that dates back to 1898, which consists of a variety to choose from, and can deflect self confidence if not used. Lyda A. Newman was born in Ohio in 1898. This woman is significant because she is the inventor of the hairbrush (Inventor of an Improved Hairbrush). Newman was also an African American inventor and a women’s rights activist. “Newman fought for women’s right to vote, working with well-known women’s suffrage activists” (Lyda Newman Biography). Newman’s motive for the invention of the hairbrush was designed to promote ventilation for hair and provide storage for excess hair and impurities, as well as controlling hair with an afro like texture (Inventor of an Improved Hairbrush). The hairbrush Newman invented had elastic wire teeth along with natural bristles, an alternative to using animal hair bristles. (Lyda Newman Biography). The bristles Newman used were safer to use on hair scalps and easy to make. “In 1898, Newman applied for a United
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