The Visible Lifestyle

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Javonte ' Mack
Ms. Donlan
English 142B

THE VISIBLE LIFESTYLE Juliet Schor, author of "The Overspent American: Why We Want What We Don 't Need, discusses our social positions as items that are visible that others can see and that aren 't visible to the social life we live in, which would be the invisible items. Turning invisible things into visible creates advertising for that product, making the consumers who wear it look and feel cooler because they’re wearing a product thats either expensive or popular. People start to notice not only that product, but the person who 's wearing the product. When consumers wear the product they actually advertise it, making others want to purchase that
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Schor mentions that “You’re aware of the visible status items, but not the invisibles” and that “Visible products become status goods for an obvious reason"(64). You can pay attention to someone and look and see their visible things, which are hats, watches, what type of cars they drive, and etc, but you wouldn’t know whats in their house because it 's behind doors, which are invisible. In this case with Brian wanting toc change his appearance wearing name brand clothings gives off an reason him wanting to be a ladies man and just cool. Brian appearance was completely changed on the outside; he had become the cool guy around his school because of the name brand logos he started to wear which others recognized. He was also able to get one of the hottest prom dates, which made more people accept him more for being able to do that from knowing him before. After that Brian was able to sit with any group of girls at lunch and talk with them about gym, movies, and parties now, instead of talking about dragons and dungeons and about school also. Everyone seen Brian appearance changed, but in the inside Brian was still the same. He still liked DDR, dragons and also dungeons to. Brain said also said that he still likes his finger nails long, but clean now so he can grab things like
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