How Society Views Mental Health Changed over Time

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School of Health and Social Care
Psychology of Health and Illness unit

Observational record template

What happened
Initial thoughts
Whilst at work I saw the nurse take bloods from a patient which was a monthly routine for the patient it has always gone ok and the patient has been fine with having her bloods taken before. The nurse told the patient it wouldn’t hurt at all. Something happened whereby the nurse couldn’t get the blood and had to re-attempt the procedure. The patient also experienced some pain during this procedure which she wasn’t expecting, the patient found this a quite traumatic experience The patient was elderly and appeared confused. The patient became anxious and next time a blood test was due became increasingly
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Observation B will utilise the cognitive approach and apply this to the experiences of a person experiencing stressful life challenges it will explore key issues such as coping and information processing.
The concept of Psychology originated from philosophy and biology which are two factors used in psychology today (Eysenck 2009). Psychology represents ‘study of the mind’ (Gross 2005). Psychology is a type of science which studies the behaviour of humans and animals, psychology tries to understand why people behave in certain ways taking into consideration their thoughts and feelings (Eysenck 2009). The term psychology was founded from the Greek word, psyche which means mind, soul or spirit combined with the Latin word logos which means’ the study of’ (Gross 2005). Psychology dates back to ancient civilizations who were interested in workings of the the mind and behaviours (Payne and Walker 2003). Wilhelm Wundt opened the first psychological laboratory in 1879 (Glassman 2008). Wundt and his co workers studied the structures that make up the mind, he was the first theorist to use psychology as a self conscious experiment studying perceptions and conscious awareness (Gross 2005).
Psychology is relevant to nurses and health care professionals because both nurses and psychologists seek to understand the range of needs of an individual (Barker 2007). They also look at ways of adapting
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