How Standardization And Format War Takes Place?

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1. How standardization and format war takes place? When any company starts its own production on the daily basis they have to follow certain rules for the standardization. Company has to file for the patents in the United States to make sure that they have their own patents for security issues. Otherwise all small companies will try to copy their product design and misguide customers for the smaller share of the market. There are multiple types of patents in which companies can apply like product design patents, security breach patents, technology patents and personal types of patents for the smaller businesses. If the patent is in pending state they will have the necessary document to show if someone asks them to. Copyright infringement…show more content…
So, companies really need to work hard to make them stable, in order to get the market share under control before it becomes nationwide drama. Same thing happened to the Apple and Samsung infringements which are under the scrutiny from years now days which is impacting positively on the company’s share prices. Some of the source material suggests that they are playing with people mind sets to get more and more share in the market but sometimes media controls such rumors by establishing the hard evidences. But the end of the day market share of the companies is getting higher and higher and everybody is getting happy. 2. What benefit the establishment of standardization has for an industry? Through the establishment of the standardization companies can file for patents for their products in advance and no one will copy or try to steal the design of the product in the long run. If we take for example here then wall green bottle of protein shake which contains the ball in the bottle for shaking purposes which is patented by only wall green, it cannot copied from any other medical supplies company unless Walgreen gives them legal permission to do so. In order to copy as well they need to get the royalties from the company in the future or per item they sold in the market. Companies might ask for the subsidies if they do not want the royalties on the product lines. But the legal contract has to
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