How Strategic Management Plan And The Human Resource Planning Process

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Abstract: For this assignment we will examine how strategic management plans are established and redefine to keep the organizations moving forward in growth. Management promotes and brings about a change in the structure to keep it active and efficient in the approaches to achieving its goals and objective. The strategy behind the approaches correlation is what leads to actually implementing and providing data to analyze on an ongoing basis to enhance the strategic plan of the organization. The relationship between the eight elements of the staffing process and the human resource planning process helps to determine where there may be a problem and what is needed to bring about a long-term solution. Another approach connected to the…show more content…
A performance appraisal can also outline the need of both the employer and the employee (Famdray, 2001, p 3). Compensation is the pay and or benefit a person paid. The last element is the employment decision is a placement of the human resource planning above regarding organization career development (p 319). With the eight components of the staffing process now described to continue our discussion; we will examine the four activities involved in the human resource planning process as it related to staffing process. Human Resource Planning Process The four activities of the human resource planning process are job analysis, human resource inventory, human resource forecasting, and inventory and forecast comparison. Plunkett, Allen, and Attner, (2013) stated the following about these four activities as part of the human resource planning process as it relates to the staffing process. Job Analysis To start the staffing process, we must first have a job analysis. The job analysis helps evaluate how to enhance and become effectiveness and efficiency. A comparison of each position contributes to ensuring the accuracy of assigned duties. The result will produce two human qualities documents that are needed to perform a job. A job description provides the job title, a purpose of the job, authority reporting levels, detail of primary duties of the position, and the conditions of
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