How Stress Affects The Body Health

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Ever wonder why people get stressed out either if it’s School, Marriage, work, and family? Or some good stress for example is a job promotion, buying a new house, and getting married. Stress can also affect the body health for example it can lead to cancer and cardiovascular disorders. All the stress the person can’t let go will hold on to the person in some form of guilt or regret and they will think about it over and over again and make scenarios in their head. When people are mostly stressed they usually drink alcohol or smoke tobacco to release stress and forget things for a while and enjoy it. That’s when people start getting addicted to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. There is treatment for that for example to have a strong personal motivation and stop what they’re doing and try new things. One big stress is called PTSD which is called posttraumatic Stress Disorder, it means it’s an anxiety and traumatic experience, an example would be if a person went to war, and after they came back from the war they can get flash backs and remember the event what happened and can’t stop thinking about it, another example would be a near-death experience where probably someone got in a car accident and almost died and survived the accident and they get flashbacks and have regret of what they should have done. When dealing with stress some symptoms can be being tired, muscle ache, gain or lose weights, and thinking about the problem a lot in the head and can’t concentrate at all. Some

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