How Students Learn The Content

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In schools all across our nation, students of all grades and abilities are taking notes, in all content ares, every day. I cannot help but to wonder, how successful are these notes helping our students learn the content? As a student school notes were always one of my biggest frustrations, even at the collegiate level. I struggled with trying to write the notes as quickly as the notes were being delivered. When I was ready to write the next set of information the teacher was so far ahead of me that I would feel defeated. I felt like I had to write down the complete sentences so I would be able to understand my notes later. I was constantly left with partial notes over the content. Often theywere sloppy in writing and organization, as well as overwhelming to study from.
Something that really helped me when it came to taking notes in college was when the PowerPoint was provided to the class, but it had missing words. This type of notes made it easy to keep up with the lecture: the provided notes made it easier to pay attention to what is going on and being said in order to fill the blanks in correctly. Graphic organizers also really helped me be able to distinguish what important information I needed to know. We often used graphic organizers in our interactive notebooks during our undergraduate. Not only did these forms of notes help me during the note-taking process, but also during studying the content. From my own experiences I wanted to better understand how note-taking

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