Reflective Essay On Learning Styles

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Learning is obtaining skills through knowledge, study, or by teaching. Learning styles refers to a system of collecting, processing, interpreting, arranging and thinking about information. Learning takes place in different forms like Read & Write comprehends through reading and writing by taking notes, Aural listens to information by hearing and speaking, Visual learns through visualizing of objects to understand, Kinesthetic is hands on learning experience, and Multimodal is study via several diverse modes of learning.
Looking at these learning styles, I am a Multimodal learner according to my VARK result test. With several methods of learning, this employs diverse ways to help me memorize and understand what I’ve learned much better by changing between different learning styles that any teacher might use to teach because, I like numerous ways of absorbing information.
As a read and write learner, I like taking notes in class and I read over these notes or copy them out. I take my time to study at my own pace and in a quiet environment, I love studying ahead of time to gather and collect all the information needed to understand and also learn a new task to achieve new skills I require. When I’m listening to a lecture for instance, I like to take notes, make bullet points for my reading, and I also turn illustrations into words and check the dictionary for word meanings for me to understand when I study. I check out information in library, textbooks and handouts for better
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