How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk

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How Tall Do You Have to Be To Dunk

Are you ready to dunk?

Ask yourself that question and you might be taken aback. That question is so simple, but pregnant with meaning. If I were you, I would be more concerned about building my determination and resolution about dunking than worry too much, about how tall I should be to dunk. If you are indeed ready, you can dunk successfully, regardless of your height. If that’s understood, let’s go on and prove this.

During my research, I discovered that many people are very much concerned about their height and decided that the best thing to do is to go online and ask how tall they should be before they can dunk. I’m not sure how this people are going to get the right advice that will help them. Most
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In fact, many websites like can teach you how to dunk without being very tall. Although a tall figure is extremely helpful, some other things like power and strength should have the same consideration.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, it should do you good to know that many players cannot really dunk too. Even some good basketball players cannot do it with so much ease that you would like to see in them. If you want to be able to dunk, along with your height, consider the following:
• Consistent training and perseverance is the way to develop your ability to jump high above the rim. Vertically challenged NBA players like Spud Webb and Nate Robinson have proved that height alone is not responsible for dunking. As long as you are patient and consistent, you can develop an impressive jumping
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In another circumstance, we could have given you a straight answer and not bother to write this long article. But in this situation, the answer is not readily available. Why is this? Because many people believe that you have to be 6 feet tall before you can dunk. However, there has been a plethora of shorter people, often at the 5 feet range dunking successfully.

Consequently, the important thing to note is that if you are 6' tall, you will find that learning how to dunk will be much more easier for you than if you are shorter. But that does not mean other people who are shorter than that cannot dunk successfully. I hope you grasp my point here.

Websites like teaches all kinds of people how to dunk without specifying how tall they have to be before they can dunk. When you are learning how to dunk through this website, you will learn how to dunk by cutting down the training time, reduce your risk of injury, and add inches to your vertical jump.

As a concluding remark, as long as you are 5 feet tall or above, there should be nothing stopping you learning this skill. In this article (link to the shortest person to dunk article here), we reveal two of the shortest person to ever dunk a basketball. These people are not even 6 feet tall. Neither are they super basketball
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