How Technology Can Help Prevent Dependency, Addiction And Other Negative Factors

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Setting limits for use of technology can help prevent dependency, addiction and other negative factors that may result from spending too much time on certain devices. Parental guidance and training of appropriate use for technology is important to prevent many negative experiences when using technology. There are tips that parents can use to help prevent kids from becoming addicted to technology that the use.
Over the years the dependency of technology has increased significantly. Since it is socially acceptable for kids to have IPads, IPhones, and other technology at a young age, parents are enabling them to become dependent on these devices at a very early age. In today’s society technology is used for every aspect of life and …show more content…

10). Kids who use technology constantly can become addicted. According to Chakraborty, K., Basu, D., & Kumar, K. G. V. (2010), “Young (6) was one of the first to describe excessive and problematic Internet use as an addictive disorder” (p. 124). There have been many studies for how technology addiction can be compared to one 's addiction to drugs. If kids are addicted to the use of technology and become dependant upon it then it can have damaging affects on their health, socialization, and ability to focus.
Cyberbullying is an issue that has created children facing suicide, illnesses and many other dangerous means of having to fight back. We used to tell kids that words were not hurtful through sayings like “stick and stones” but nowadays they most definitely are. Technology has brought being mean to a whole new level where it is very concerning of having negative effects on kids emotional well being. According to Kessel Schneider, S., O’Donnell, L., & Smith, E. (2015), “About 80% of youth are users of social media sites, and 88% of these users have witnessed acts that were cruel or mean” (p. 612). The internet is being used to harass and bully others by spreading rumors, sharing personal information and even photos that could be embarrassing to someone. According to Kessel Schneider, S., O’Donnell, L., & Smith, E. (2015), “One of the most notable trends is the pervasive use of social networking sites, some of which include

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