How Technology Changed Over Time Essay

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Introduction Communication used to be relatively limited. At one point, a person could only talk to somebody else in person or send them a written letter. Nowadays, somebody can send somebody else a moving picture with words written on top of it asking them a question, and this message might only be viewable within a certain amount of time, and the message might be one part of many other messages with all sorts of other visually communicative features. Technology is what took communication to where it is today. Technology gave us the power to communicate with anybody anywhere at any time with mobile devices. Technology then evolved to change communication itself. Ideas that once could only be communicated with words can now be expressed through all kinds of different media.
How Technological Communication Changed Communication is as old as the first human interaction and it is fundamental to our experiences. As technology changed over time, so did the ways we communicate. At first, people communicated with spoken words in person. Then, people wrote letters to each other so they could talk to each other when they were in different locations. The telephone was the first technology that allowed people to speak out loud to others far away. The technology then evolved so that those telephones could be portable and personal, so that people could move with their technological communication devices.
Linge and Sutton (2016) describe this evolution from the British perspective,
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