How Technology Has Changed Today 's Society Essay

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Technology in schools have been an increasing event in today’s society. It has been one of the biggest changes in the school system. The last few decades have been dedicated and focused on the incorporation of technology. Investing in such an advancement will lead to a brighter future and education, where both the teacher and the student will have an easier time teaching, learning, and communicating. What is bing introduced now is what is going to be normal in the future. Technology will prepare students for the real world which is quickly becoming more and more digital.
Tablets and computers prove to be more useful in that they hold so much more information. They take up less storage. There are thousands of textbooks, study sites, and research centers where they can all be found on a tablet and computer. Students work on these devices because it is more convenient than pulling out paper material such as books. It has been researched that, “Tablets allow teachers to better customize student learning. There are thousands of education and tutoring applications on tablets, so teachers can tailor student learning to an individual style/personality instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. There are more than 20,000 education apps available for the iPad alone” (ProCon). Students can look up practice quizzes, study groups, and more that would take up so much more time if it were not for technology. The computers and tablets are a good investment when it comes to pricing. Normally,

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