How The Apollonian Contrasts With The Dionysian

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Nietzsche has a different outlook on the world. In World of Ideas, by Lee A. Jacobus, it says; “Nietzsche’s task was to explain the polarities, their form of expression, and their effect.” (pg. 643) What is the “they” you ask? Well, Jacobus says; “ The Apollonian contrasts with the Dionysian, the Greek with the barbarian, the dream with the illusion.” (pg. 643) There are many more examples, but I will spare you the long list. An Apollonian is a relation to the rational, ordered, and self-disciplined aspects of human nature. A Dionysian is a relation to the sensual, spontaneous, and emotional aspects of human nature. This evaluation will compare how the two interpret today’s music, cinematics, and art. First, Apollonians and Dionysians hear music in different ways. Apollonians are classical in the department. Not exactly the classical genre of music, just older music. See, they don’t like all these new …show more content…

An Apollonian would rather watch a play; a live theatre performance. They find it much more awe inspiring if they see the performance all in one take. They want to see the actors make the play a perfection, waiting to see if a mistake is made and if the actors can recover. A Dionysian,on the other hand, likes movies more. They don’t care how many outtakes it had, they want more. The symbolism, the story, the computer generated images, how a script can be brought to life. They don’t care how, they care how soon. Third, and final, there is a difference in how Apollonians and Dionysians perceive art. Now, art is hard to understand, and can take many shapes and forms. Apollonians like the simpler art, the ones that are easy to understand and look at. If you were to give them a single picture that looked concave and convex at the same time, they wouldn’t appreciate that to much. That is more of a Dionysian outlook. They want the pictures that make your mind think, make you question every

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