How The Death Penalty Changed Over Time Essay

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This semester I learned a bit more about how and why Marbury vs. Madison established the powers of Judicial Review. My previous classes in political science had treated the case as a footnote and it was nice seeing the whole picture. Second, I learned about how the death penalty has changed over time. Lastly this class reaffirmed my belief that in Texas the only way to make lasting change is to prove ones point over the other rather than to simply win in a debate of opinion. President John Adams had ended up in a dilemma when Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth had resigned from the Supreme Court. Adams had lost the presidential election to either Jefferson or Burr who “had received the same number of votes in the electoral college,” and the decision was to be left up to the House of Representatives, so he wanted to appoint a worthy replacement for Chief Justice before his term was out. (Sloan & McKean, 2009) The political culture at the time that Adams appointed John Marshal seems to be very similar to that of today. From further reading in The Great Decision, the appointment of Marshal to Chief Justice was said to be overshadowed in the media by various fires across the capitol notably on happening in an accountant’s room in the Treasury Department. The Federalists needed to get rid of documents in a way that “even God [could’nt] read them,” perhaps in the same way that Hillary Clinton felt she needed to get rid of her emails. (Nelson L. , 2016) One thing was clear, that the
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