How The Hollywood Writers And Filmmakers Present Other Ethnicities

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How the Hollywood writers and filmmakers present other ethnicities in its productions? The standard images of the diversity in America formed the offending stereotypes that other ethnic people wanted to break. The stereotypes of the other ethnicities easily can be found in the Hollywood films and shows that influenced the America. As John R. Terry stated in the Hollywood, Racial Depictions in, “The construction of these images follows a pattern in Hollywood of reproducing stereotypes, yet there are also independent filmmakers who have offered positive depictions of these groups” (333). The Hollywood writers and directors have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping the ethnic characters on the topics of racial stereotypes, gendered…show more content…
Also the films, which are originated from the Asia, have the whitewashed Asian characters by a white or Caucasian actor, who put on make-up as Asian character. The Ghost in the Shell (2017) is the Japanese originated film that casted a white actress Scarlett Johansson as main character and Dr. Strange (2016) casted the Caucasian actress Tilda Swinton as the Ancient one, who was born in Kamar-Taj, Himalayas. As the examples represent, the construction of these images follows a pattern of reproducing stereotypes in Hollywood, yet many independent filmmakers try to present the positive depictions of the stereotyped groups. Secondly, the ideas of the gendered racism used commonly in Hollywood, that have been growing the racism greatly in the community. The female characters usually depict the views of the weak, dependant, and overly feminine. Lisa M. Cuklanz quoted in the Mass Media Representation of Gendered Violence, “By treating female characters as object to be observed, handled, used, abused, and even discarded, mass media encourage us to think of women and girls as less than human” (32). The female objectification made men to think, that treating female violently, is two-sided satisfaction in relationship. The movie Passenger (2016) is an example of gendered racism, because Aurora, who is sleeping in her pod, was awaken by Jim Preston for his sexual satisfaction and she was totally fine with it
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