How The Immune System Fights Infections

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How the Immune System Fights Infections
As the month of December gets underway, many people start becoming ill. This can include the regular runny nose and congestion people experience, or for some this means the flu. They take a variety of medications to help their body fight off this infection, but what most people do not know is that their immune system is what is really working hard to eliminate this virus or bacteria. In fact the immune system works day in and day out in many different ways to keep people healthy. Many times the immune system overlooked until it fails, causing people to become ill. Every day you breathe in millions of foreign particles. People do not even realize that their body is constantly fighting off these infections particles. It does not just happen with a bat of an eye. The process of the immune system fighting off these “foreign” particles is actually a complex process.
Foreign particles such as bacteria, viruses, toxins and parasites, enter the human body in ways people would never guess. For example when a rusty nail pokes a hole in your foot, the first part of the immune system is damage, the skin. The bacteria enters your wound. Bacteria starts using up the body’s supplies in order to reproduce. At first they go without being detected but when a certain number of bacteria is present, they damage the body by changing their surroundings. The immune system’s job is to work as quickly as possible, in order to stop this.
The first thing that

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