What Is A Vaccination?

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What is a vaccination? - An injection or oral pill that protects you from harmful disease - People are constantly in contact with dangerous microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites - As soon as the body is infected with a germ or virus the immune system takes action immediately. - The bodies immune system builds defense against that certain infection - specialized cells and antibodies are produced to fight the spread and clear the body of the germ. - The immune system will ¨remember¨ the germ and if this same germ is encountered again the antibodies remain in the bloodstream and are ready to quickly identify this germ, neutralize it and quickly rid the body of it before an infection may begin to spread. - This supports the idea that children who have had the chicken pox will never have it again, but unfortunately for common bacteria such as colds it is likely to reoccur due to the fact that there is more than 200 different different cold viruses. - We take advantage of the idea that our immune system recognizes past germs and enter a killed or weakened germ into the body with a vaccination to create the antibodies necessary to eliminate this virus in the future without actually obtaining the sickness. - The body’s immune system detects the dead or weakened germ and the body responds as if it was a full blown infection leading to the creation of ALL defenses necessary to protect the body of this germ in the future. History of the topic: -also called
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