How To Be A Powerful Soccer Player

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Have you ever had that one referee who seems to hate you for no apparent reason? Every time you come close to another player you get a warning, you're offside on every play, or you even get a card for the smallest tackle. Yeah, I've had that ref before too. They might not realize it, but many referees seem to target certain players, sometimes even one of the teams as a whole. I don't know if the referees talk to each other and discuss which players might play dirty and other things of the sort, but they always seem to be a bit discriminatory. Now don't get me wrong, some refs are great and always make the perfect calls, but some of the ones that come to mind when you read the title of this blog... It's a completely different story.

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The biggest incident I've had actually occurred last year, in my most recent soccer season. A player from the opposing team had the ball and was running down our sideline so I ran after him. After I caught up I got ahead of him, cleanly took the ball's possession, and I got ready to turn around to clear the ball up the field. Before I got a chance to get my foot on the ball I heard the ref blow his whistle. So I stopped, turned around, and the other player was lying on the ground covering his face. I was pretty confused to be honest. The referee called me over and I asked him what the call was, apparently I had stepped and tripped the other guy. I got a yellow card and had to step out of the game. What made it even worse is that we were playing against our rival and we were inside of the goalie box. So the other team got a penalty and that mistaken call costed us the game. Do you have a story where the referee seemed to be targeting you or your team? Share it with us in the comments below and remember to follow my blog! Also click here to read about the ongoing debate about using instant replay in professional

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