How To Describe A Beautiful Day Essay

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What a beautiful day, I feel much relaxed by watching this sun shower after having a tough time. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself; I am muddy I live in this beautiful house with my family. My mother’s name is snoozy she always sits in a place sleeps. My father is opposite to my mother he is really a hard worker and very caring father who is loved very much by our master David. He assists my master to look after his sheep. I have two little sisters, one named shiny and the other one is fatty. My masters little girl Lara named us, and she is a wonderful kid who always take cares of us. This place is located far away from the city, but I feel it to be a wonderland since we have plenty of places to play and farm is located in front of the house where there is a beautiful garden and many trees. Different…show more content…
He took me to his place during his birthday party where I saw his parent and other family members with the thick needles on them. I asked his parents about that needles, they said it was called spines or quills which will protect them from the harmful animals. Spooky introduce me to his uncle who lives in the city side, as he said before he was very different from others. He has very loud voice which scare us he also has very fine eating habit. I talked to him as if I am not scared of him, I asked him about the city. He said that in city we cannot see any farms like this, it is full of buildings, vehicles and beautiful places like temples, museums, libraries and statues of great leaders. I became more thrilled by his description about the city and I wanted to visit the city at once. As I was very little to go alone that far I returned home wondering about the city and also the quills. My friend used to come and play with me daily. One day while spooky came to visit me he said that he went to see the baby rabbits but he could only see a two little creatures lying in the hole and covered with some
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