How To Make Cha-Han

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Have you ever tried to make Cha-Han before? I’d like to introduce how to make it deliciously and easy in several sections. First of all, get ingredients such as green onions, eggs, sausages, garlics, Naruto, rice and so on. The choice is available depending on types of Cha-Han. Second of all, when the ingredients are prepared, start to cool them smoothly. Then chop sausages, green onions, naruto, and garlics up. When it’s ready, take out eggs and stir it until it becomes liquid. Then put some oil into a pan and put eggs when it’s hot enough to cook. In fact some people puts eggs at last, however it’s easier way to cook eggs in the beginning. Then take out eggs from the pan when it’s cooked and put it on a plate once. Next, add some oil once

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