How To Purchase A Chrysler 200

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The first ad would more than likely target a male audience between the age of 35 to 55 and females between the age of 40 to 50. Each segment would either have no kids or older kids who are no longer in the home and the truck would constitute as the 2nd car.
For the male the truck would most likely serve as the leisure vehicle. It would be used to meet up with the fella’s on poker night, tailgating at a football game or driving up rugged terrain for a weekend fishing or camping trip. Least not forget the occasional request for helping someone move.
A female would purchase this truck for more useful purposes. She would most likely be a homeowner with needs for light hauling such things as house wares, groceries or gardening items. Both a male and female will have many useful excursions with purchasing this vehicle. …show more content…

This truck will surely support the manly excursions while tackling a women’s need for simplicity. Its strong presence will lead from the front and open the road up with the freedom to move as you please.

The Chrysler 200 would appeal to an older more established segment of men and woman. As I don’t believe to many women dream of owning a Chrysler 200, it would be more of a male dominated purchase. With at least 20yrs or more in their careers, the men purchasing this vehicle desire a vehicle that is equally impressive as they are established. Purchasing this vehicle should be relatively easy as this segment would be financial stable.
Where desires and wants meets your need for comfort, this car will not disappoint. Its stealth presence will surely deliver and excite your need for showmanship. as it delights your senses with miles of

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