How To Read Literature Like A Professor Chapter 1 Summary

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How to Read Literature like a Professor Chapter 1 -As readers we come across many details in literature that hole significance, however the common reader usually misses the deeper -Literature professors look for three things, memory, patter, and symbol. Chapter 2 -Every time a character sets out to do something it's a quest. The idea of a quest has evolved greatly, as literature has evolved. -There are always five parts of a quest: the quester, an end goal, a purpose, obstacles in the path, the deeper lesson learned from the quest. -The quester usually ends the quest with a better idea of who they are. Chapter 3 -Meals always hold a deeper meaning in literature. -Meals have the ability to bring people together because people always have …show more content…

-They usually have the shape of a square. -We have to carefully compare and contrast all parts of the sonnet in order to see the deeper meaning that all sonnets hold. -Every part of the sonnet holds a special, deep meaning, which is why it's imperative that each part is perfect. Chapter 6 -Literature is something that can't be original, all literature is usually inspired by some other literature that existed prior to the current piece of literature. -This doesn't mean that people are stealing others' work, it means that each and every piece of literature directly affects the way a writer views and processes things. -Others influence all stories so, in actuality, all stories branch from the same beginning story -The more a person reads, the more knowledge they gain and the more a person reads, the more we begin to see those similarities that exist between each piece of literature. Chapter 7 -Shakespeare has left a huge impact on the world as we know it. Shakespeare affects almost every piece of literature in some way. -Shakespeare is also responsible for a large number of quotes and sayings that are consistently brought up in stories and even everyday

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