How To Reduce Gender Inequality In Canada

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The issue of gender inequality has for long being a debate in the world with international organizations putting in place international conferences to advocate for total inclusions of diverse ideas in the economic milestones. For example, the World Bank in 2012 reported on World Development Report that gender equality has affected the economy by six out of ten world’s economic growth. In Canada, gender inequality has significantly featured in major decisions making processes, a condition that has negatively affected the country’s economy. Over the past few years, economic gender inequality has continued to persist with significant lack of women representations in economic security, access to social services and political decisions. The government of Canada has failed to solve the upcoming issue of economic gender inequalities as little can be traced since the inception of the gender equality policy in the American continent. In order to solve the problem of gender inequality, the government has been advised to increase the number of women accessing education, funding women programs and ensuring that the resources given to liberals are properly …show more content…

In 2006, Canada was placed 14th out of 142 countries in addressing gender equality. After the new leadership, it was placed 31st a great drop in solving the gender inequality problem. The liberals taxed women highly, resulting into a trend in women’s growth. The women were included in a new personal income tax of one percent cut that caused much humiliation to the economic balance between genders. The move benefited men than women as the men held high positions that paid well. According to a group that dealt with gender equality, Feminist Alliance for International Action, women has never had a better opportunity to grown in

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