How To Stop Your Phone From Tracking Your Location : Case Analysis

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Data is constantly streaming behind the apps individuals use whether they know the details or not. Individuals that use technology need to take into consideration how the location is still being tracked even when users are unaware that they have not turned off the tracking setting on their phones. The Time Magazine article “How to Stop Your Phone from Tracking Your Location” explains the step process with how to make sure the location setting is not active on anybody that has an internet connected mobile device (Aciman,2015). As people are scrolling down through their photos and do not realize that photos are geotag with specific locations where people capture the photo. Individuals would see for instance, that the picture was taken in a …show more content…

For instance, the Rights Approach, is a great one that would describe this dilemma. This issue is an invasion of personal privacy that went further than it should have. A lot of individuals turn their location off for a specific reason, and it’s not because they want it private, so their enemy cannot find them. Customers should have the opportunity to control for what they pay for and have a chance to choose what they want on their phones. According to Newman (2016), the companies use ultrasonic sound for more purposes that just track where individuals are at any given moment. Technology is evolving for multiple purposes other than just using the ultrasonic sound. Customers need to be more aware of what services they are paying for.
Using the Rights Approach, I would focus on achieving respect for the customer and the company by helping customers seek other options. When using this approach, companies respect the value of their customers giving into their products. The companies that want to use this information should know what will be the best thing for them. Individuals should feel free to make their own decisions on their mobile devices. Resolving this issue would be best not only for customers, but for the company as well. The companies that are tracking the information through the microphone should know that some individuals often forget when they have third party applications open on their phones. Once individuals recognize that these

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