How To Use Gender Stereotypes In Toys

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Toys targeted at boys' colors are more darker with blue, green, and black tone. They have more robot, block, car, gun, mask, than doll. I found most of the toys are from active animations, which are Star wars, Disney's heroes, Mind craft, and Lego. I saw lots of figures of them with variety of sizes, and especially, heroes masks. Toys targeted at girls' colors are more brighter with pink, red, and orange tone. They have more different types of doll, accessory, Kitchen equipment, jewelry, than robot. I found most of the toys are basically from Disney's princess, because I saw lots of princess' dress, accessory, jewelry, and pet-shaped doll. Toys that appear to be gender-neutral have mixed colors from boys' and girls'. I could not find any specific…show more content…
However, children, first get to examine which toys that they interested at. After they bring toys to their parents, they re-examine them, and determine if the toys are good for them, or the price of the toys are good enough to purchase.
I found both boys and girls are on the packages. Whites, and African-American are the most represented ethnic groups from what I saw. Some toys are being encouraged as gender stereotypes, but not all of them. I was able to find variety of not-encouraging-gender-stereotyping-toys in the family favorites, and young children favorites sections. I found: puzzle, animal miniature, clay, large Lego, picture card, words block, and doodle drawing pad.
I was surprised that from the young age, the society makes children to separate themselves on genders through gender stereotypes of toys. Although people are shouting out for same right under the genders in nowadays, children get trained to consider themselves between pink and blue from the earliest age. Even I did not get to the toy aisle, I was able to think which is for girls, and boys by colors. I wonder how did it end as pink represents girl, and blue represents
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