How To Write A Day In Ww1 Trenches

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A Day in the World War 1 Trenches

I woke up this morning feeling anxious about what was going to happen today. I had this feeling something was going to happen and that lots of us would die. That he enemy would come. I didn’t like the feeling, so I woke up Edward next to me by poking him in his cheek. Automatically, he tried to slam away my hand, thinking it was a rat. When he discovered it was me, not a rat, he asked me why I had woken him up. I told him about my feeling, and the look on his face was painful to look at. So I asked him if we could look for some breakfast, since everybody was sleeping. My stomach hurt, and I knew his did too, because we hadn’t eaten for days. The smell of gas was unbearable, so we covered our mouths with our …show more content…

I decided it was time for me to open the letter, and I had the feeling I would have the same letter. I did. It was a letter from the government, saying our village at home had been bombed. Helplessly, I hugged Edward and started to cry. As I saw all the men opening their letters, I felt like I wanted to faint. Right at that moment, we heard the sound of bombs. The enemy had come. Great timing! I was wondering why they had come at this moment, when I realized Edward had been ordered to go over the top! And then I knew I lived for nobody. Edward would die. My family had died. I knew there was no point in fighting for my loved ones. I spent the rest of the day wondering if Edward would survive, even though I knew he wouldn’t come back, and I was right. Only two people came back, one with one leg and an arm blown off, and the other one blinded. They told us the rest had died too. I felt depressed and sad, thinking this was my worst day ever. I can’t believe it and I want to die too. But I know I have to keep fighting. I want this war to end. And I will help. I will keep on fighting for the honour of my country. For Edward. For my family. And for my life. I will pray to God now to give them a good afterlife in Heaven.

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