How To Write A Story Of A Milkshake

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This is the story about a milkshake. My milkshake. Our milkshake. This milkshake is the Raspberry Ripple. I am James Wilson, and this is my story.

Growing up in the small town of Greenville, Missouri everybody knew everybody. You went to school with the same people all your life. The same people you played sports with were the people you attended dances with and so on. Like I said, you knew all these folks. These were people you are always around, whether you liked it or not.

I am James Wilson. Like most people ‘roun here I got a mom and a dad and I got a younger sister, Sharon. We also got this Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bentley (Sharon threw the biggest fit to get). I’m the wide receiver for the high school football team, hopin’ to get a scholarship to Missouri State.

Now you may be wondering about the milkshake. Raspberry Ripple. What’s a milkshake got to do with a girl. It’s got everything to do with a girl. The perfect girl, the perfect milkshake. Now this milkshake was the perfect combination of vanilla and raspberry. It swirled. There’s nothing better than the perfect swirl. Now the girl was a bit more complex than the milkshake. She was smart but not a genius. …show more content…

I follow the clock to the crowd. Everyone is yelling but it seems so quiet, distant. I see her, Mary. She yelling, getting the crowd into it. (Focus) Back to the game. “Hike.” I run. I run pretty far. Pass thrown, the balls comes right to me. Touchdown. We are tied 14-14. “Extra point.” We set up for the field goal. And it’s in. We just won the game. Now it was time to celebrate the win. We went up to the local diner, like we always do after a win. I get a double cheeseburger with extra pickle, and a Raspberry Ripple milkshake. I go find an empty booth (well as empty as it can be with almost the whole football team there and more) I begin to eat when someone comes and sits across from me. Mary. She sits down and grabs a fry from my plate and takes a

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