How To Write An Essay About My Life In Panama

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Panama City, Panama: taught me more about myself than I ever expected. The simplicity of their culture was mesmerizing. The people in Panama took nothing and made it into something. Little did I know, that I would leave that country changed. Coming to Eckerd I hoped that I would have the opportunity to travel the world. Eckerd offers an array of programs which I hoped to take advantage of throughout my four years here. Many students that I have met at Eckerd encouraged me to go on a service learning trip, talking on and on about the life changing moments that they had on trips they had taken. I did not know if I believed them and their claims that one trip could change your life, but I decided to try it. I investigated all the places that Eckerd offered for spring break and decided that Panama was my first choice. I thought that out of all the trips, working with children in an orphanage would be the most fun. I signed …show more content…

People in Panama had no idea how to deal with this disease. In the United States, we have superb medical departments and we are faced with these problems every day. In Panama, they do not have the extensive medical knowledge that we have so they do not have the tools and knowledge to take care of children diagnosed with such a serious illness. The best they could do was secluding the affected children in an attempt to prevent the disease from spreading through the orphanage. It broke my heart to see these children living in seclusion when it could be entirely possible for them to be cared for, loved, and provided with the medical attention they require. This trip taught me both about the beauty of Panama and living simplistically but also about ways that I could potentially use my privilege as an American with access to higher education to help children like the ones I saw in Panama feel happy, healthy, and most importantly,

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