My Vacation to Costa Rica Essay

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Costa Rica is a very beautiful and unique place. It was my first time going there and I loved it! It was much different than the United States in ways I didn’t mind or even enjoyed. We saw many things and went many places while we were down there. I am ready to go back again already and do new, exciting things. However, we did a lot while we were down there. Our first stop was San Jose. We arrived late at night, so after we checked into the Don Carlos and found our rooms, a group of us went to go find food. We ended up eating at a pretty fancy restaurant about a block away from the hotel. It was pretty expensive and it was late at night so we got a pizza to go, but this would be nothing like the other things we would eat. The next day we …show more content…

We ate at a restaurant there in which the owner made ox carts. He did all of the woodwork using hydroelectricity with a waterwheel in the back. They were all also hand painted and hand carved pieces. It was very beautiful. We finally got to Turriabla that night. The next day we went to the college and botanical gardens of CATIE. In the botanical gardens we got to try all of the different fruits grown in Costa Rica. They are all very good and different tasting. Even the mangos and pineapples taste so much better there. Now that we are back I dislike the ones here. One example of something we tried there was called the miracle fruit. It made anything you ate afterwards that was sour taste sweet and it actually worked. We toured the coffee plantation there as well as the college campus and had more traditional Costa Rican food in the cafeteria there. Finally, in Turriabla we went to a fruit market and an ice cream shop and practiced our Spanish. We then prepared for our third stop. San Gerardo De Dota was the next destination of the trip as well as my second favorite. On the way there, we stopped to look at one of their churches. It was beautiful but there was a service going on so we didn’t want to look around too much and interrupt. We got Costa Rican snow cones which are different than ours but still very good. We stopped for more Costa Rican traditional food an learned of a volcano eruption in

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