How To Write An Essay On National Parks Protection

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Our Countries Protector: The National Parks Service National parks are places that are considered historically significant, or unique enough to be protected by the federal government. These parks are designated as a protected area for animals, and people are able to visit and enjoy these serene places. National parks include places like: Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Everglades, the Grand Canyon, and the Sequoia’s. These places are contain very diverse and unique ecosystems that are thriving due to their protection. People are able to see what the untouched wilderness is like in an age of expanding urbanization. These places could be decimated and built upon if were not for the government's protection and funding. The National Park Service …show more content…

He recognized that without dramatic action, the rich natural resources and incomparable landscapes of our country would disappear as quickly as the buffalo, leaving future generations without a legacy of natural splendors. As president, Roosevelt provided federal protection for almost 230 million acres of land, an area equivalent to the entire Eastern Seaboard from Maine to Florida. He sat aside 150 national forests, the first 51 federal bird reservations, five national parks, the first 18 national monuments, the first four national game preserves and the first 24 reclamation, or federal irrigation, projects, designations that were bitterly opposed by commercial interests.”(The …show more content…

This seems great however the money required for maintenance of the parks simply is not there. “The park service said it delayed an estimated $11.5 billion worth of needed maintenance projects last year due to funding shortages Craig Obey, senior vice president for government affairs with the National Parks Conservation Association, said Congress needs to take “immediate and substantive action” to prevent further maintenance delays. “Failing to provide for the system’s basic maintenance needs has eroded our most treasured landscapes and historical sites,” Obey said in a statement on Monday. “Next year’s centennial of the National Park System is the perfect opportunity for Congress to renew its commitment to protecting America’s most special

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