How Tobacco Use Teaching Methods

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Tobacco Use Teaching Methods
Choosing the correct teaching method is important to help the learner retain and learn information in an effective and efficient way. Tobacco use is a health related topic that needs further education and intervention from a nurse. Group discussion and demonstration, and return demonstration are two teaching methods of interest to me, which I believe will be beneficial to use when educating a small group of five people about this health-related topic are. Group discussion involves the deliverance of medical information or education to a small group of individuals which may include their family so information, opinions can be exchanged with the nurse. This is simple way to deliver information to more than one person at one time if time management is a concern, and the nurse is able to build trust and rapport with the group as a whole. Demonstration and return demonstration works more effectively in a small group and involves education or teaching with the nurse and learner(s). This method also allows time for feedback from both parties. The nurse gives the learner a demonstration of a task to perform and the learner has to attempt to carry out the task back showing competence, and the nurse is on standby to give cues as needed.
Group discussions Group discussions are beneficial as this teaching method is useful as it allows the learners to share information about their personal experiences and is both economically and time
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