How Video Games Have Advance Right Along With Technology

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Have you ever played a video game and wonder? How does this thing work? Who invented it? Well you in luck because I have all the information that you need to tell you about the history of video games. How video games have advance right along with technology that we use in everyday life.
If you ask people. When video games did first came out? Most people would say in the 1970 's and they would be wrong. "In 1958, William A. Higinbotham, an engineer working for the United States government, came up with first game played on a type of screen. It was a two player tennis game played on an oscilloscope, a piece of electronic equipment with a 5 inch display". (The history of video games)
In 1961, Steve Russell developed the first game played on
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Microchips were invented in the late 1950 's the problem was it only held about ten components, including transistors which helped control the flow of electricity. In 1974, Intel introduce a chip with over 2,800 transistors. The microchip started to shrink as technology started to advance.
In 1975, Atari decided to try and put their game on a system for the home. Even tho the game system Odyssey had not done well. They partnered up with Sears and released a home version of Pong. Also for one hundred dollars. Unlike Odyssey the Sears gaming system was a huge success during the 1975 Christmas season, with sales of more the $40 million.
Atari would be king over the game industries for the next decade. A few companies like RCA and Fairchild channel F tried to break in during Atari reign but never had much success and phased out.
Nintendo, the company which eventually became a major player in the video gaming industry for the next three decades, delivered their first series of video game console from 1977 to 1979. The Color TV Game Series were only for sale in Japan. These consoles essentially followed in the footsteps of Atari and featured Pong-style games.
Once again, there were a few newcomers to the market but they were met with limited success. Bally Astrocade came about in 1977 and was celebrated for its superior graphic capabilities. For some reason, it did not last long. Mattel introduced its Intellivision console in 1979, which
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