How Wars Have On A State 's Economy Essay

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Wars have the power to wipe nations off the map. Throughout history they have left countless dead and caused immeasurable damage. Less noted, however, are the effects wars have on a state 's economy. Often the turmoil of war for citizens is mirrored in the economy, aggravating the effects of the war and continuing to linger long after the fighting has stopped. However there are occasional instances that show great growth during and following wars. The United States has seen both ends of this spectrum throughout its history. In the South the Confederate was left with a currency worth nothing and millions of dollars of debt during the Civil War. The North, while also having debts to be repaid, managed to grow stronger during the war and even more so after it was over. After World War I the U.S. and the rest of the world saw one of the greatest periods of economic depression in history. Markets crashed, unemployment soared, factories closed, homes foreclosed and debts became impossible to pay back. The United States after World War II tells a very different story, one where the U.S. grew more powerful and economically dominant than ever. This prosperity has largely remained steady. The U.S. after WWII was one of two superpowers in the world, and when the Soviet Union fell in 1991 the U.S remained as the world 's only superpower and the most powerful country in the world. Among these wars of growth and decay there are trends. Examining these wars closer will help us to

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