How Will the New Technologies Aid the Environment and Standard of Living?

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As technology advances you cant help but ask yourself the question that with a constantly developing world will how will the increase of new technologies aid the environment and standard of living? It is very difficult to predict the approaching future but not impossible1. All of the predictions made will be based off of trends in the environment and technology and the relationship they have to each other2. It will be an analysis of the impacts of past technological developments, changes in consumer’s choices, and the environmental regulations3. The developments in technology throughout the world will come with some subsequent positive and negative impacts to the environment and human’s standard of living. In some instances the increase of peoples standard of living results in diminishing the environment. For example as the population exponential increases energy demand will too, resulting in an extreme increase in Nitrous oxide emissions4. There is also a backside to the fluctuation of people’s quality of life. As technology advances machines will eventually replace humans from their jobs due to efficiency5. As unemployment increases people will be forced to look for lower jobs with less income because the higher jobs will be more competitive and require more qualification. Several Scientific and Technological Advancements are designed around enhancing the environment and life as a whole. Such as Renewable energy, GEO’s, and possible new technologies designed to repair the

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