How Would You Feel If You Had An Opportunity To Assemble

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How would you feel if you had an opportunity to assemble your meal in the morning, leave it in the slow cooker, and by the time you come back home, dinner is ready? Well, that’s the beauty of owning a slow cooker. It saves your time, helps you prepare nutritious meals and most importantly it saves lots of electric energy. But much as this method can be an economical choice, there are always some smart techniques you can use to make the most of these appliances as well as maximize on safety.
(1)Invest In a Programmable Slow Cooker
If you are the busy type and you plan to use your slow cooker for many hours while you are away from your house, the safes choice is to invest in a programmable unit. This advanced type of cookers can be adjusted …show more content…

High-temperature boiling helps you kill all bacteria thereby making the meal safe for your entire family. Some bacteria in our food can survive in temperatures of as high as 165 degrees, so make sure you exceed that level in the first 30 minutes of the cooking process. The remaining time, you can switch the cooker to low heat.
(4)Best Practices of Slow Cooking Frozen Food
Whenever you find that you need to prepare frozen food in the cooker, the best way to go about it is to first defrost it. Also, ensure that all other ingredients you add to are at least at room temperature. By doing this you will be sure to attain the right cooking temperature within the recommended cooking time. Considering cooking some freezer meal? Start by thawing it overnight or microwave it before dipping it in your pot. The reason for this is that slow cookers are not meant to break down solid ice blocks and your food might take too long to prepare (meaning it might be unsafe for you after all).
(5)Put Just the Right Amounts of Content
Overloading or under-loading your cooker is a big no-no. Slower cookers are designed to accommodate two-thirds or half-full contents – essentially leaving enough space for the cooking process to take place. Anything above or below that would affect the cooking process. For instance, less than normal quantities could mean that the liquid will evaporate too fast leaving the food to burn. Above normal quantities on the other hand would result in

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