How You Commit Mental Practices : Mental Toughness Secrets Essay

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How To Commit Mental Practices - Mental Toughness Secrets
By Gary M Bacon | Submitted On February 10, 2012

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Expert Author Gary M Bacon
It 's the World Cup and David Beckham is playing brilliantly against Argentina. In the second half, Beckham was fouled by midfielder, Digeo Simeone, who rammed him in the back and knocked him down. Beckham, while still lying on the ground, retaliated in anger with a kick, right in front of the referee.

He was kicked out and England was forced to play with only 10 men the rest of the game. They ended up losing in a penalty shoot out.

Beckham 's momentary loss of control cost England its chance to win the most important game of the year.

Being able to maintain control is one of the most important tools an elite athlete can possess and it is one of the secrets to mental toughness. It is a secret because most athletes think the opponent is on the other team...

The truth is the real opponent is you vs. you and your mind. Any loss of control can disrupt not only your performance, but your entire teams as well, as we saw in the Beckham incident. The great news is that you can be in-control anytime you want if you commit

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