How does Shelley present relationships between men and women?

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How does Shelley present relationships between men and women? Shelley present relationships between men and women in various ways but they all have an inter-linking message within them. This is that women are dependent on men in the majority of relationships. Shelley uses characters as examples of different relationships; for example Caroline and Alphonse’s relationship is a very loving one. All that Frankenstein says of his parents his good things, for example he says, “Active spirit of tenderness that animated both,” the majority of descriptions of their relationships is similar to this. Their relationship effectively creates a benchmark with which to compare all the other relationships with. None of the others is anywhere…show more content…
It is hard to get an idea of love between the two. Shelley has presented their relationship as one of great contrast. She also portrays the other relationships with contrast. None of the relationships in the novel are similar. Walton’s relationship is one of naivete, Caroline and Alphonse is one of great love, and Victor and Elizabeth is one of sadness. The main message is that relationships are struggles and have both pain and joy within them. Shelley portrays relationships as either really caring, or complete ignorance of the others feelings. Victor is shown as a person who cares for no one, for example after his mother dies he says, “grief is an indulgence,” this highlights how emotionally cold he is, he is has no sense of pity, apart from onto himself. Victors cares very little about others. Another example is how he treats Elizabeth, he goes six years with minimal contact with her, and he has no idea in this time of her existence. He also expresses no desire in the chapters of his exile of a desire to see her again. It again shows his complete absence of caring for another. An example of a relationship of caring is that of Alphonse and Caroline, but more interesting is that of Victor and his mother. She loved him very dearly, enough so that she got him a sister/cousin as a gift. Victor was cared for greatly by his parents; this seems to have a negative effect on him though. Shelley presents relationships as a good
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