How sound affects bacterial growth

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Effects of Music on Bacterial Growth Kira Lewitt and Kaitlyn Carroll December 2014 Chemistry 1B Grady High School Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Materials/ Method/ Procedure 3. Data/ Observations 4. Discussion of Results 5. Conclusion 6. Practical Application 7. Future Expansion 9. Bibliography Introduction Question: What genre of music affects the growth of bacteria the most? Problem: Effects of music on Bacterial Growth Hypothesis: If three genres of music were played to the same samples of bacteria, then the sample with pop music playing to it will…show more content…
Wearing gloves, prepare the petri dishes. Use sterilized swabs to collect bacterial samples, then swipe swab against agar in petri dish. Close and seal the dish and label the samples. 2. Place samples in warm, out of the way place. Leave one sample alone as the control. 3. Place headphones snugly around the dish. 4. Connect the headphones to the music player. 5. Play a different song per sample on repeat for each player. 6. Let samples grow for a week. Keep music players charged and playing at all times or for a specific time frame. Make sure to take pictures everyday. 7. Take off headphones and compare each sample at the end of the week. Take notes and measure the growth. 8. Carefully dispose of the petri dishes after all data is collected. Analyze the data. Data and Results ‘
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