How the Russian Revolution Changed Lives in Different Social Groups in Russian Society

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How the Russian Revolution Changed the Lives of People in Different Social Groups in Russian Society The Russian Revolution was supposed to bring about change for the better and be a fantastic new beginning for the troubled state of Russia. However, the concept of a revolution is sometimes a lot more appealing than the actual results of a revolution. Revolutions never occur without hurting a certain group of people, which goes without saying, but they also try to better life for other groups. The Russian Revolution seemed to cause much pain and misery, but the benefits from this revolution appeared to be few if any. Nobles, who once had incredible power and prestige, were then stripped to single room houses and bitter cold because …show more content…

The working class people are mercilessly killed because they have no status. This is not much different after the revolution, where the secret police can take you out of your home and shoot you if they believe you are against them. Also, in the movie, there is a scene of a burned down and destroyed village. This village was filled with poor and working class people. The reason it was destroyed was because of the Russian civil war which was part of the revolution. Countless middle

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