Essay on How to Give Birth in 3 Stages

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HOW TO GIVE BIRTH Giving birth is something that happens many times daily all over the world. Though many people who have not experienced giving birth, such as men, may think all the woman has to do is push a couple times and it's over, that is not the case. There are three stages to giving birth according to BabyCentre including contractions, pushing, and delivering the placenta. The first stage of labor actually has two phases itself. The first phase is called early labor. During early labor you should start to feel something like light cramps. It is also common to feel pressure in your lower back. This is the start of what is called “contractions”. Contractions help your uterus (female reproductive organ) stretch and relax, …show more content…

Depending on where the baby is in your pelvis, high or low, you could get the urge to push early or you might have to wait a little while. This stage can take anywhere from a couple minutes to many hours. The pushing stage is said to take longer for woman who get epidurals. There are ways to cope with the pain while pushing. You can try vocalization to relax your body. This will also allow more oxygen to both the mother and the baby. A couple different sounds you can try are “oooh” and “aaaah”. You can also try focusing on how you breathe. There are many different ways to breathe from hee-ing or haa-ing to panting or deep inhaling. All of these methods have been shown to help woman ease the pain of not only pushing but also contractions. Not long after you start pushing the baby's scalp should start to become visible. This could be the excitement one needs to push through the pain. Now every time you have a contraction a little more of the baby's head will become visible. As more of the head becomes visible it is very common to feel a burning sensation. This sensation is sometimes referred to as “the ring of fire” and is due to the tissues being stretched. After the baby's head is out your caregiver will suction out the mouth and nose. Next it will be time for the shoulders and then the body. Now that your baby is finally brought into the world you are able to hold it. But, you're not quite done yet. Finally, the last stage to giving birth

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